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Quay Quarter Lanes is already coming to life as retailers are fitting out ready for openings later in 2021. With the opening of Hinchcliff House in April, we saw an amazing level of generous hospitality, and we can't wait for them to re-open after the COVID lockdown is lifted.  

When it's fully open, Quay Quarter Lanes will be a character-filled Sydney lifestyle destination. It's part of a  multi-layered neighbourhood taking in Quay Quarter Tower, new retail and heritage buildings—for the little daily rituals or an occasion to remember.


From the moment Quay Quarter Lanes opens in 2021, inviting the curious to discover a mix of art and heritage, coffee and craftsmanship, Quay Quarter’s retail offering will lure the on-site community – as well as visitors – to explore, and explore often. Day will bleed into night, yet the activation and life will not dissipate, supported by a re-imagined historic Hinchcliff House and its flourishing all-day dining scene.
Quay Quarter Tower podium Market Hall and veranda dining will house passionate and best-in-class retailers within exquisitely designed spaces. Some spaces will bring theatre and grandeur, others intimacy and immersion – yet a commonality will be found in the beautiful, tactile materiality and design excellence that defines the precinct. Quay Quarter Tower podium Market Hall and veranda dining will open during 2022.


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Quay Quarter is a rare opportunity to be part of Circular Quay’s lifestyle reinvention.
Join a like-minded community of vendors reshaping Sydney’s city lifestyle offering.