18 Loftus Street


The boutique luxury residential apartments within Quay Quarter Lanes were sold out within 2 hours.

If you would like additional information on your apartment, please contact CBRE CLIENT CARE on 1300 357 014 or  loftuslane@rpclientcare.com.au


Quay Quarter Lanes offers a limited number of apartments of a scale that may never be offered in this precinct again. Each of the three low-rise buildings has its own award-winning architect. Importantly, each building has less than 50 apartments, offering true exclusivity.

The one, two and three bedroom apartments and penthouses offer a remarkable level of detailing, finishes and individuality akin to the finest luxury homes. Exclusive balconies and terraces offer outstanding views from city to sparkling harbour and rooftop gardens to lush parklands.

Nestled within a tapestry of refined, vibrant laneways, Quay Quarter Lanes opens your door to the best of Sydney while providing a private and exclusive haven in the city’s most remarkable location – Circular Quay.


18 Loftus Street by Silvester Fuller

18 Loftus Street has the smallest footprint of the three buildings, however this building carves out an identity that is instantly recognisable. 

bespoke architecture

Elegant in white masonry, a series of balconies and terraced rooftops step inwards as the building rises, creating a sequence of levels that recede gently against the sky.

A solid base transforms as it rises through a series of incremental transitions with solid brick giving way to larger openings, landscaped greenery and balcony spaces, creating a concentration of green.

The arrival into the building is via one beautiful front door, akin to a large front door to a single residence. “It's private and discreet and you're able to step away from the hustle and bustle of the city into this secluded, calm environment making the journey to your home." Penny Fuller, Silvester Fuller.


Luxurious Serenity

Every finish at 18 Loftus Street has been deliberately selected to achieve optimum health and tranquillity for residents.

The living areas transition from a light, living zone to a quieter, darker, cocoon-like sleeping environment. In the sleep zone, the lighting is indirect and can be blocked off, and there is acoustic absorption, allowing for complete rest.

Living and bedroom spaces have an outward aspect, with privacy controlled by the openings in the facade. Built-in joinery elements divide the interior spaces, like large pieces of furniture that allow a seamless flow from one room to another.

Balcony sizes and configurations are carefully tailored to their specific location and angled towards the individual laneway, park and harbour views. Balcony lengths increase to capture the view and extend into areas of sunlight with park-side balconies elongated to extend the interior dining space.

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