Designed by Studio Bright 

Inspired by the rich detailing of great Art Deco buildings, 8 Loftus Street draws on the talents of one of Australia's leading designers of bespoke homes. The stunning roof garden offers a spectacular place to entertain or relax, with Sydney Harbour your backdrop.  Studio Bright was formerly known as MAKE Architecture. 

art deco inspired

Boasting a custom-grey brick sourced locally, 8 Loftus Street exudes class. Rather than being stacked vertically, the building shifts in and out as it rises, providing different opportunities for views and sunlight access, the building line gradually unravelling to form the base of the roof terrace.

Perforated, bronze screens are functional and aesthetic, to offer privacy, catch the breeze or provide shading when preferred. The screens also soften the brick and bring movement and change to the facade at different times of day and night.

The building has two lifts, bringing privacy to lobbies, serving a maximum of three apartments per floor. A vertical garden runs through the full height of the building in a lush, green landscaped ribbon. It provides filtered natural light to the apartment lobbies and natural ventilation offers a spectacular place to entertain or relax, with Sydney Harbour your backdrop.

Bespoke home detail

8 Loftus Street has been designed with the same attention to detail Studio Bright applies to their award-winning, free-standing bespoke houses. The result is an immaculately detailed building, hand-crafted with living in mind.

Using real materials such as timber, stone, and travertine, the interiors at 8 Loftus Street offer effortless luxury, privacy and comfort. Specifically designed according to the highest standards, the selections contribute to an impeccably crafted interior that embodies the warmth of home.

Each apartment has been designed to make the balcony space feel connected to the interior, blurring the boundary between inside and out. Private balconies offer fantastic views out to the leafy vistas of Macquarie Place park, Sydney Harbour and beyond.


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