Designed by SJB

Defined by a sense of privacy, beauty and comfort. Designed to frame the outstanding views, strategically-placed apertures capture the best light and vistas, creating the sense of a house in the sky.

striking and stately

The largest of the three buildings, 15 Young Street is striking. Apartments appear to float above the ground, with rich masonry elevating residential levels and allowing views to the water.

Within stepped landscapes, each apartment is specifically designed to make the most of its individual aspect, with carefully planned view corridors and privacy screening. Balconies and windows twist towards the best views, including Sydney Harbour. The edges of the building provide quiet spaces, creating an intimacy rarely found in the city.

Green spaces are also integral to the building design, with roof gardens and landscaped crevices that bring nearby parks right up to your window. "Landscape in Sydney happens in platforms, on stepping ledges and rock fissures. This is the Sydney we love. The building translates this idea into a design that expresses an organic erosion pattern, just like in our natural geography," Adam Haddow, SJB.

cherished escape

A home-like retreat, 15 Young Street has been designed to create a sense of richness and tranquility that provides the perfect complement to the vibrancy of the city.

Inside, quality design and materials and a diversity of products have been carefully selected to improve the texture of everyday life. Each and every element is designed for a purpose, resulting in a refined and casual elegance.

Whether it’s your family home, city residence or personal retreat, each apartment provides a sense of privacy, comfort and beauty – a cherished escape where you can be yourself.


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