Sydney Conservatorium of Music

AMP Capital has collaborated with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music through the Soundscape Project. The world-first initiative involves university students from electronic and digital music composition courses, recording, categorising and designing noises and sounds associated with construction for the purpose of creating unique music.

In August 2019, led by our team the students visited the Quay Quarter Tower site. The site being a live construction site provided interesting sounds for the students and created the challenge of having to think creatively in their recording of sounds and how they would use these sounds for future use. The music created is embedded in their curriculum through an assignment structure where they are required to develop unique sounds and music for a series of images and video that relate to Quay Quarter Tower.

Ivan Zavada, Senior Lecturer for Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Composition and Technology and who is responsible for leading the curriculum initiative has told us he has seen and heard extraordinary material created. We attended the end of year presentation by the students and were incredibly impressed with the content they created, see above a sample of their work.