Quay Quarter Tower presents Sustainability

AIRAH celebrated its 100th birthday by hosting Outlook 2020, an International HVAC&R conference featuring more than 30 speakers. The event focused on bringing together industry experts and practitioners to share the latest developments, trends and technologies.

The heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry impacts our society in many ways. Throughout its history, HVAC&R has evolved to meet the needs of society and enable massive leaps forward in work productivity, home and community life, healthcare and food production, while also enabling innovations in science and technology. 

Our very own Brian Donnelly – Senior Development Manager, Quay Quarter Sydney; Chris Nunn – Head of Sustainability and Operations, AMP Capital and Robert Saidman – ARUP Principal were proud to be keynote speakers. Their presentation focused on the sustainability initiatives of Quay Quarter Tower.

Quay Quarter Tower features world-first sustainability initiatives, such as retaining around two-thirds of the building’s original core through the construction process. This involved constructing the new tower around the existing core, and incorporating carbon-reduction techniques that are cutting edge for Australia. The team achieved a carbon saving of 6.1 million kilograms and a 6 Star Green Star rating, which demonstrates world leadership for sustainability in the built environment.

You can explore more about the complete Outlook 2020 program here. Please feel free to get in touch if you have a conference and would like AMP Capital to participate. Our team are passionate and want to be involved.