Our story

Once in a lifetime an architectural project comes along that redefines a building archetype. The traditional office tower, with its fortress-like form and connotations of corporate power has been turned on its head by 3XN’s scheme at Quay Quarter. The Danish architects, led by Creative Director, Kim Nielsen have created a building that is set to change how the workplace operates – not only locally but globally.

Artist's impression. 


3XN design buildings for people to live, learn and work together. All of their projects draw their energy and purpose from their commitment to enrich people’s lives and the world we live in. The team at 3XN believe that buildings are more than the sum of their parts and constantly seek to achieve a synthesis of design, function and context. Their buildings are uniquely matched to each project but always seek to combine beauty and meaning by putting people at the center of design. Designing buildings that are light and connected, ensures clarity and well-being for their users.

3XN’s work is founded in ongoing research into how buildings reflect and inform human behaviour and the environment – this allows them to advance innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. They constantly seek to enhance a sense of community, identity and relationship to others through beautiful and functional spaces. The team design for adaptability and flexibility as they strive to create environments that people will love for years to come.

For more information: http://3xn.com/

Artist's impression. 

Quay Quarter Tower

The design intelligence works from the inside out articulating the concept of a ‘vertical village’, as a series of stacked, pivoting forms respond to the urban context of Circular Quay’s historic dress circle and the remarkable views of Sydney’s harbour and beyond.

While vertical in form the relative positioning of the volumes allows for atria and the inclusion of green space to scale the exterior and the façade treatment permits natural light to be pulled deep into the building envelope.

The driving concept for the building is a sense of activation, taking what naturally occurs at street level and injecting that energy, and spirit of possibility, throughout the entire building. At its most poetic it embodies the notion of the street in the sky.